Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Midnight update

I could not have been more sound asleep. When the phone started ringing, I thought at first it was the alarm clock. I waited and waited for it to turn itself off, then when I realized it was the phone, I tried everything (everything but hitting the "talk" button, which would have worked) to answer it. In my fog, I couldn't imagine who could be calling, and wandered through the house, still nearly unconscious, trying to find a way to answer the phone.

Eventually, I hit the right button, just as the truth popped into my head. Bill! It would be Bill calling!

It was. After an exceptionally bumpy flight through a few thunderstorms, he had landed in Marrakech. He was overflowing with enthusiasm, happy as could be.

He was far from us, but even there, he told me, the moon was big and bright.

1 comment:

  1. I hope and pray that Bill has a wonderful time on his adventure and that your time with Nana and Pops goes splendidly.

    And may you remember the beauty of the moon and the brightness of the sun for many days yet to come. Sheets of rain notwithstanding...