Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Grotto of Mary Magdalen, Saint Baume


  1. I'm following your adventures now, so please no more ridicule of a poor inept x-country skier. That does however explain my inexplicable distaste for x-country skiing. With some luck, I may finally be able to fight through it now that I've been made aware. I look forward to more entries, your stories are both fascinating and entertaining and of course are made exceptionally enjoyable by your marvelous way with words.
    Best to All,

  2. Dear World (and Kevin)

    Just to set the record straight: it was a different Kevin (Keft, if memory serves) who took first place in the highly-contested boys' race in 1983, and took second to me.

    To be grammatically accurate, it was the "boy's race," he won, I guess, since he was the only male entered.

    And, to complete the record: I can't imagine Klovelass being bested in any athletic contest, skiis or no skiis, by the likes of me.

    But I'm glad to know you've found our loopy catalogue of adventures. Launa

  3. Oh my- our our paths cross again.
    Hi Kevin!!!

    The words and photos are beautiful!!!