Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs à la provençale

A few tips, just in case you spend Easter in France.

There is no Easter Bunny. Here, the Cloche, "Easter Bell" brings your treats.

Should you wish to give your children one, you can purchase a chocolate Easter Escargot at the grocery store. We did.

It is nearly impossible to find white eggs in a grocery store. I put some serious pressure on the nice old man who sells us vegetables, and he grudgingly sold us the six he had in reserve. You can dye brown eggs, but they come out in shades of brown, so scrawl on them with white crayons first to make them more interesting.

You can make terrific purple dye by boiling red cabbage with vinegar for half an hour, or yellow dye from tumeric, which in French is curcuma.

Happy Easter, Everybody.

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