Monday, June 28, 2010


We spent our 15th anniversary with the girls, at Storyland, which is the world's cleanest, friendliest, most adorable and un-scary amusement park.

How did our fifteen years pass so quickly? How did Grace's eleven? And Abigail's eight? My forty? I ask myself these questions a lot lately; but here in midlife, I am starting to ask new ones, like how many more years like this one do I get?

And why are so many signs in the world punctuated improperly?

This place made me love America. It was kinda like Wholesomeness Incarnate.

You would think all that wholesomeness, and all those Red Sox hats, would make us Cranky New Yorkers even crankier. But try as we might, grouchy old Bill and I, we couldn't come up with a single legitimate complaint about the place.

This is me on the Raft Ride. I recognize this look on my face. It's that same one from June 25, 1995. It's happiness.

The whole park was simply adorable, as were the girls, all day long. Note the candy necklace and the rainbow swish she asked to have painted around her still-fresh eyebrow scar.

The park was full of kiddie rides, but we all rode them anyway. For once, nobody got scared or overwhelmed.

So yes, enjoy yourself, wherever you are. It is later than you think.


  1. I adored it as well.
    And share your question about the punctuation of signs. I am certain you know the story about HWM and the "10 items and less" at Star Market growing up.

  2. I grew up in NH and have never been! But I'm dying to take the kids...
    So glad you all enjoyed yourselves!!

  3. Our local grocery chain advertises "Low Prices Everyday." Drives me bonkers.

    And thank you for the reminder that it is later than we think. So very, very true.