Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ten Things for the Tenth Month

It's October.  In response to another post I just read, and in honor of the start of the tenth month, here are ten true things about this year in France:

1. For me, it’s just mostly about being with my family and out of a city; anything French is either a bonus (amazing food) or just a minor pain (There aren't yoga studios on every corner.)

2. I didn’t get the combination of courage and timing to buy the meat at the real butcher’s until today.  The butcher was totally sweet, and I got housemade merguez and chicken.

3. Even though Bill and I aren’t working, the four of us still have tantrums.  I just have a whole lot fewer than I used to.  Girls are at the same rate as always, but I have a lot more patience to offer in helping them to cool down.  

4. The weather is so much more unbelievable than I had expected, with full sun streaming in the windows at least six days a week.  I will probably get pretty bummed out when this changes.

5. I love writing every single day as much as I love breathing, which may be why my posts are a very un-bloggish length.  They are so long that Bill gets bored reading them and has to be cajoled into doing so.

6. I am resigned to making very little progress on the French, now that I am survival level and can buy sausages and chicken without undue embarrassment.

7. The first sound that I hear in the morning is the bell in the town square ringing seven times.  Then the trickle of water spilling out of the pool into the stone trough underneath.  I like this way better than garbage trucks and guys screaming “Yo, Andre!” on 1st street back home.

8. On Monday I will take my very first independent trip in Europe, TGV to Paris.  I’m sort of terrified – and not just that I will bring the wrong clothing.

9. I miss my friends precisely as much as I love being focused just on the four of us.  But I actually am in much better touch with my whole extended family.  Who knew?

10. I have no clear idea when we are leaving, or what comes next in our lives.


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